gzip converts stuff to 8.3 filenames

Benjamin Riefenstahl benny@crocodial.de
Thu Apr 9 15:23:00 GMT 1998

Hi Michael,

> Hi Allan,
> >I'm fudging around with gzip and those nifty registry sendto commands,
> >and I zip a file off to gzip, sure enough emacs-lisp-manual.ps
> >becomes EMACS-~1.PS.gz

Michael Hirmke wrote:
> You don't have gzip from the Cygnus packages, do you ?
> Cygnus gzip does not mangle filenames.

No, but the Explorer shell does. Whenever the Explorer supplies file
name args to programs, like from the SendTo menu or in Drag-and-Drop
operations, it uses the short filenames. It does this, because there is
no easy way to check, if a program/batchfile/script supports long
filenames or not.

So if you write a SendTo handler for gzip or just put a gzip link into
the SendTo folder, gzip will get the short filename as its arg.

so long, benny
Benjamin Riefenstahl (benny@crocodial.de)
Crocodial Communications EntwicklungsGmbH
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