b19.1 memory leak with file handles

Marius van Wyk marius@tbs.co.za
Mon Apr 6 19:00:00 GMT 1998

I have noticed that one of my ported apps grows in size when left alone for a
long time, this did not happen in the original unix machine. I finally tracked
it down to this snippit (there are some variations, and they all have the same


// This will eat about 64k every 5 seconds
void main() {
  while(1) {
    int fd=open("/tmp",O_RDONLY);


The same happens with fopen/fclose, as well as with the fstat() fnuction call.
They are all logically similar on a lower level.
It loses aprox 16 bytes per open/close (NT's Task Manager tells me this)

As far as I can tell, it was present in b18 using NT4 sp3 too.

Otherwise the stuff works fine.
Great job guys.


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