CYGWIN32 tools distribution CD-ROM?

Mon Apr 6 17:20:00 GMT 1998

Paul G wrote:

>On 19 Mar 98 at 19:54, the Illustrious Michael Hirmke wrote:

>> [...]
>> >perhaps the cygwin32 web site could have an area (or a link to somewhere)
>> >where anyone who is willing to host cygwin32 binaries for download
>> >could add an entry informing others about it.
>> >
>> >would any porters out there use something like this?
>> I intend to offer something like that soon here on our German
>> Cygnus mirror.

>	The biggest concern in offering that sort of thing, especially for public 
>uploading, is the risk of generating a new "warez" site.  These folks 
>don't seem to give a d*mn about disk space or just about anything else.  
>They are happy to waste disk space to distribute their illegally copied 
>software and don't seem to care who they impact.  A European Mirror site, 
>however, might be an excellent solution (hint...hint...nudge...nudge).

>	The last ftp site that allowed what you are suggesting above, was 
>shut down by the "warez" folks.  The admin didn't want to close it, but he 
>couldn't leave his system vulnerable to "warez".  We lost a very good 
>North American FTP site because of was quite sad.

this sounds nothing at all like what i suggested which was a page containing
*links* to pages containing binary distributions of ported software.

i did not suggest a publically uploadable ftp site precisely because this
would require some poor computer to be overloaded. i was thinking that the
load could be evenly distributed around the web sites of individual porters.
the only info that need appear there is what's available, where to download
it, notes on performance, ...

so disk space is much less of a problem, there'd be no uploading of illegally
copied software. it's for ported software. if someone wants others to download
illegal copies of their software, they'd have to host it on their own sites.


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