Xvnc for Cygwin32

Valery Tulnikov valtul@demos.su
Mon Apr 6 11:20:00 GMT 1998

I successfully compiled Xvnc to Cygwin32. You could find it and other
Cygwin32 ports at my web page http://www.dol.ru/users/valtul . The small
annotation from this page:
I uploaded binaries of Xvnc server and vncviewer with modified sources. Its
based on the patch provided Sergey Okhapkin for Cygwin32b19 distribution of
X11R6.3 and the FreeBSD patch for VNC (mostly, includes changes for
understanding *.gz fonts). I couldn't provide a *.diff  because these
binaries produced by semi-hacked methods (I provide Makefiles that compiled
everything at Xvnc subdirectory but if someone try  to reproduced its with
'make Makefiles' he could experienced some cycling). Xvnc scripts use perl
port for Cygwin32 so you need install it.Besides it, you should install *.gz
fonts and rebuild its doing 'mkfontdir" at each font directory. Another way
(that I prefer) is to use a font server (read VNC FAQ for available
commands). By this time I haven't checked Cygwin-build font server for
working with Xvnc (and haven't checked how Xvnc deals with local  fonts
too). But, I guess xfs needs the same patch as Xvnc for supporting *.gz
fonts. This work is not done yet.

With best regards,

Valery Tulnikov,

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