Installing GNU texinfo 3.11 under cygwin32

Adam Taylor
Fri Oct 31 11:13:00 GMT 1997


Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
> Adam Taylor wrote:
> > 
> > Unfortunately, although the status bars at the top and bottom of the
> > window get displayed, nothing else does.  And when I press keys, it
> > seems like only every other key is perceived by info.
> > 
> You have to enable cygwin.s tty support with "set CYGWIN_TTY=1".

Thanks for the help!  CYGWIN_TTY=1 seems to do the trick.  I must have
overlooked this when I read your (i.e. Sergey Okhapkin's) homepage.  (Or
read it, not understood it, and then decided it probably wasn't

Larry Hall wrote:
> At 03:13 PM 10/30/97 -0800, you wrote:
> >I'm using b19 with Sergey Okhapkin's latest patches (10/29/97), under NT
> >4.0 SP3.  Also, I have installed ncurses 1.9.9g, which seems to work,
> >all the
> >test programs and less (3.32) work just fine.  
> I'm personally curious about this statement.  I've got a similar
> configuration (although using b18 which I believe is what you meant).
> However, I find less doesn't work that well.  After a few pages, it resets
> the end of page to the middle of the screen and only scrolls from the top
> to there.  Do you see something different with less?  I'd really like to
> get this working and I'm not looking forward to diving into debug it.

Yes, I did mean b18.  Sorry about that.  I find that less has problems
when getting input from a pipe, but works fine when the input is from a
file.  At least, I think that's the pattern.  I haven't looked at it
very seriously.  Based on this, and on vague recollections of people
mentioning problems with the pipes implementation in the mail archive, I
assumed it was a problem with the pipes implementation.  But again, I'm
talking almost completely out of my butt here.

Larry Hall wrote:
> >Do I need to install the termcap library?  I was under the impression
> >that ncurses implements the termcap API, so I shouldn't need to.  Is
> >this not right?  Why does ncurses include a termcap.h header file?
> You need to install the libncurses.a library somewhere, otherwise it 
> won't be used.  Doing a "make install" should be all that's necessary to 
> get it into the default spot.  You'll need to reconfigure and remake the 
> app after that.  You don't need the termcap package in addition to ncurses 
> though.  Ncurses is supposed to be a "better" termcap library so one or 
> the  other is all you should need.  

My understanding is that ncurses certainly implements a superset of the
termcap _functionality_, but my question is whether it actually
implements a superset of the termcap _API_.  Of course, that wasn't the
problem in this case, but I'm still curious what the answer is.

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