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Chris Faylor
Fri Oct 31 05:55:00 GMT 1997

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Sergey Okhapkin  <> wrote:
>Larry Hall wrote:
>> >For those who tried, I found the actual address was:
>> >
>> >
>> >
>Thanx! Sorry me for a garbage in my mind :-) One more problem - looks like 
>something was wrong with the sources or with my build environment, but the 
>dlls on my home and work machines behaves differently. The published dll 
>have some problems with ctrl-c and CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT handling, etc. I'll try 
>to fix it tomorrow and to upload fixed sources and binaries. Check for last 
>modification date on my web page.

Are these problems anything I should be worried about?

I've grabbed your sources but haven't had a chance to check them.

Have you played with B19 at all?  I'm still freeing up enough disk space
to use it and B18 together.  Sigh.

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