patched CVS source code

Jason Tishler
Thu Oct 30 13:40:00 GMT 1997

Andrew Pollard wrote:
> With the precompiled NT CVS binaries we have at work, we found that
> when you set the CVSROOT variable, you have to use 'server' and not
> 'ext' to not use the rsh from NT (which cannot handle the newlines
> properly). This is mentioned in the CVS documentation somewhere....

Thanks to Andrew's suggestion, I have isolated my problem with CVS
client mode to NT's rsh performing NL to CRNL translation.  This caused
the following error message:

    ' from cvs serverning: unrecognized response `ok

which is really:

    ...           warning: unrecognized response `ok' from cvs server

due to a CR.

I attempted to build rsh with gnu-win32, but it was harder than I
expected (ie, too many compiler problems to track down).

Does anyone have a binary version of rsh built with gnu-win32 b18?
I would like to test it with my build of CVS to see if it enables
CVS client mode to function properly.


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