cygwin32 emacs

Mark Eichin
Thu Oct 30 10:39:00 GMT 1997

> I'm attempting to build emacs 19.34 (the Geoff Voelker NT port) with
> cygwin32 (mostly to have a version of emacs that handles paths
> consistently with other cygwin32-built utilities, like nsgmls and

After about three weeks of on-and-off bludgeoning of the code, I've
come to the conclusion that starting with the Voelker patches was a
mistake, because they use "too much" of the underlying MS interface
and duplicate much of the work of cygwin32 itself. Starting instead
with the i386-netbsd port makes more sense, given cygwin32's newlib
BSD-ish roots.

I've run out of time, and won't be trying again any time soon.  I'm
now packaging up the binary NT build instead (the original goal was
actually to produce an SGML-editing package for NT, and there is an
implementation of jade built with MSVC++ that I can use.)

					_Mark_ <>
					Cygnus Solutions, Eastern USA

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