Detecting CD-ROM drive

Larry Hall
Thu Oct 30 07:05:00 GMT 1997

At 10:38 PM 10/29/97 -0500, Arlindo da Silva wrote:
>Does anybody know how to determine which drive (d:, e:, ...) is a CDROM? 
>Is there any native function for this? Thanks.
>Arlindo da Silva    

You can use GetDriveType().  Here's some info on it from the MSDN Library.

The GetDriveType function determines whether a disk drive is a removable,
fixed, CD-ROM, RAM disk, or network drive. 
UINT GetDriveType(
    LPCTSTR lpRootPathName 	// address of root path 
Points to a null-terminated string that specifies the root directory of the
disk to return information about. If lpRootPathName is NULL, the function
uses the root of the current directory. 
Return Values
The return value specifies the type of drive. It can be one of the following
Value	Meaning
0	The drive type cannot be determined.
1	The root directory does not exist.
DRIVE_REMOVABLE	The drive can be removed from the drive.
DRIVE_FIXED	The disk cannot be removed from the drive.
DRIVE_REMOTE	The drive is a remote (network) drive.
DRIVE_CDROM	The drive is a CD-ROM drive.
DRIVE_RAMDISK	The drive is a RAM disk.
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