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Chris Faylor
Thu Oct 30 05:48:00 GMT 1997

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Sudhakar Ganti  <> wrote:
>I recently intalled the GNU-Win32 package the beta 18 version. I installed
>everything as outlined (from the binaries). I have a problem with the
>gdb, both command line (-nw option) or the windows version.
>Specifically when I load a file and run it, the gdb says that
>it has failed reading the symbols from DLLs: shlwapi.dll and comctl32.dll.
>Then the programs runs OK. But when I quit gdb, the DOS window is not closed
>and the Windows95 reports an error message "GDB casued an invalid
>page fault in cw3215.dll". At this point I cannot even close the DOS
>window, as well I cannot shut down Windows95. This is all from commandline
>with -nw option. If I run the gdb with the windows (no -nw option) it shows 
>the windows, but when I try to load any file and run, it hangs.
>I looked in the mail archives and did not find any queries
>regarding this. Any help will be appreciated.

I have roughly the same problem on Windows NT and Windows 95.  It is a real
pain when the entire machine hangs and you have to power cycle to continue.
This is obviously a Windows design bug but it is annoying that GDB exercises

The only way I've found around this problem is to always let the debugged
process run to completion and to never use 'q' in gdb.  Always kill the
gdb process from another process or from the Task Manager.  If you can't
let the debugged process run to completion then you can kill it also.

This seems to work 80% of the time at least.
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