"Not a valid windows NT executable"

Michael Czapski MCzapski@stc.com
Thu Oct 30 02:17:00 GMT 1997

Hello All,

Some little time ago there have been a couple of posts regarding problems building
applications under WinNT which, if memory serves, were similar to the problem I am
now experiencing.  I searched the archives but since I don't remember the topic I cannot
find the references.

I have b18 with Sergey's patches, binary mount points, etc..
When I build a multi-source project with gcc and GNUmake makefile, a fairly 
complicated one at that, the executable builds.  When trying to run it form bash 
I get 'permission denied' error even though the permissions are set for full access both
under NT and in bash.  When trying to run the same executable from Winnt CMD i get
'invalid windows NT executable' error, with obvious results.
I do remember that this kind of thing was discussed a little while ago.  Can some kind soul
point me to the topic, pretty please.  As I said, I scanned the archive but without luck.

TIA ...

Cheers ...
Michael Czapski

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