GDB Problem

Sudhakar Ganti
Wed Oct 29 17:22:00 GMT 1997


I recently intalled the GNU-Win32 package the beta 18 version. I installed
everything as outlined (from the binaries). I have a problem with the
gdb, both command line (-nw option) or the windows version.

Specifically when I load a file and run it, the gdb says that
it has failed reading the symbols from DLLs: shlwapi.dll and comctl32.dll.
Then the programs runs OK. But when I quit gdb, the DOS window is not closed
and the Windows95 reports an error message "GDB casued an invalid
page fault in cw3215.dll". At this point I cannot even close the DOS
window, as well I cannot shut down Windows95. This is all from commandline
with -nw option. If I run the gdb with the windows (no -nw option) it shows 
the windows, but when I try to load any file and run, it hangs.

I looked in the mail archives and did not find any queries
regarding this. Any help will be appreciated.

    __o      __o                       
--_`\<-_---_`\<-_-------Sudhakar Ganti------------
 (_)/ (_) (_)/ (_)    Nepean, Ontario, Canada   

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