compiling winsock apps

Colin Peters
Wed Oct 29 02:35:00 GMT 1997

Ben Miller[] wrote:
>try renaming the file to winsock.cpp and then compiling it.  It will generate these errors.  Is there something I am missing in order to be able to compile in c++ mode rather that c mode?

The C++ parser has some problems with parting function prototypes with
__attributes__ separated from the function names. I think that you will
need to go through the entries in Sockets.h that cause the errors and
change them to put the PASCAL word at the end of the line (I think this
works). E.g.

char PASCAL *inet_ntoa (struct in_addr in);


char *inet_ntoa (struct in_addr in) PASCAL;

It doesn't look nice, but it seems to work (won't work with non GNU
compilers though, but neither will a lot of other stuff in those

Good luck,

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