WINAPI definition

Gunther Ebert
Wed Oct 29 02:35:00 GMT 1997

Thomas Nichols wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who's offered suggestions so far - much appreciated.
> I've resolved the "cannot execute binary file" problem, it doesn't happen
> under win95b, only under 4DOS (v6). Very odd.
> Now a new question: I'm trying to get existing (third-party) Win32 source
> to compile, and the following line breaks:
>         static BOOL (WINAPI *Ctl3dRegister)(HINSTANCE);

Change it to

static BOOL WINAPI (*Ctl3dRegister)(HINSTANCE);

I've just checked it, this makes cc1plus happy and cc1plus will
generate the proper code to call a _stdcall function (it doesn't
clean up the parameter stack).

By the way, cc1plus doesn't like any character between the return
type and the stdcall modifier. In other words, if you have a 
function which returns a pointer your function pointer declaration
must be

void WINAPI *(*foo)(params);

(not 'void * WINAPI (*foo)(params);')



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