egcs update: PE linker problem work-around

Mumit Khan
Wed Oct 29 02:35:00 GMT 1997

After what seems like days of suffering, I've given up on figuring what
the problem is with egcs+gas+PE linker. Here's the problem in a nut-shell:
egcs back-end generates named sections that are marked ".linkonce
discard", and if you have lots of templates, you get the same benefit as
on an ELF system. the PE linker gathers up all the named sections and
picks one for you. Unfortunately, it looks as if there is a nasty bug 
where the linker is not doing it's job, and you get multiply-defined
symbols. I first thought it was the code generator, then it was gas, and 
now I believe the problem lies in ld.

To avoid this hassle, I've reverted the code generation to the old days;
the pro is that it works, and the con is that you can't deal with
templates like you can on an ELF system. For all currently working code
under gcc, this shouldn't be a problem. Most of my old code that works
with gcc-2.7.2 also works, and so does octave-2.0.9 (modified to support
new template syntax changes in CD2).

Hopefully those more familiar with BFD/gas/ld can shed some light on

The new updated binary snapshot should be up shortly (URL after sig).

Mumit --

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