Command line options

Tue Oct 28 08:31:00 GMT 1997

     I have been reading over the README file that comes along with the 
     cygwin32 package, particularly the part on "How to Write a GUI 
     Application."  As the reader knows, this section lists all of the 
     libraries that might possibly need to be included to support the SDK.  
     Also, it states that the command line option "--subsystem,windows" 
     should be used.
     Now, I realize that this is VERY similar to the VC++ option 
     "SUBSYSTEM:windows."  However, I have looked through all the 
     documentation I can find at the Cygnus site and have not been able to 
     find this option (or the listed libraries) documented anywhere.  Where 
     should I REALLY be looking?
     While we're on the subject, VC++ supports an option "-MT" for 
     compiling multithreaded applications.  Is there something similar for 
     Thanks for your patience.
     Pat Bradford
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