Nedit5 for Windows95/NT

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Mon Oct 27 14:36:00 GMT 1997

I succeded in compiling Nedit5.0 for Windows95/NT.
Thanks a lot for the help I got from various persons on this list!

The executable is available at:

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

>From the README:
This is a version of Nedit5.0 compiled for Windows95 and WindowsNT
You need the GNU-Win32 package to run it. I just compiled it and made
a few minor changes to a few files (the changed files are included in
this archive). Bug reports, etc. should be directed to the original

Software used to build the executables:

Sergey Okhapkin's patches:
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Dept. of Computer Science, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175

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