help using Vim with gnuwin32 tools?

Micheal A. Benzinger
Sun Oct 26 08:37:00 GMT 1997

Hi John and the rest of the group,

Well, you can all ignore my previous two mail messages.
After sending the last message it finally dawned on me
what screen.c was trying to accomplish.  I then remembered
that I had doctored the 'md', 'so', etc. codes to produce
color for less, man, etc.  I did a little more digging and
have finally diagnosed the problem.  The termcap implementation
I am using is termcap-1.3, the GNU implementation.  It does
not handle the "%p1" format command that is supposed to
essentially ignore the first argument.  That means when a call
was made to tgoto with the AF code of "\E[3%p1%dm" and 0 and 4
as arguments, the resulting string from tgoto would be
"\E[314m" which the terminal does not understand.  I modified
the code in the termcap, which by the way is distributed with
termcap-1.3, to remove the trailing 1 from the push command.
Low and behold, the color high lighting started to work.

Bottom line for all this, VIM 5.0p works just fine in console
mode, color high-lighting and all.  The problem lies in tgoto.
I am not certain at his point what course of action to take.
Anybody out there have more knowledge of termcap than I do
who can educate me about what to do?  I have O'Reilly and
Associates' book "termcap & terminfo".  The AF command is not
documented in this book.  The %p1 command is poorly documented
at best.  The info files for GNU's termcap-1.3 does not have
any more information either.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Benzinger

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