Using GCC

Fernandes, Hilton
Sat Oct 25 12:02:00 GMT 1997

On 20 Oct 97 at 13:58, Kevin Sheehan <> wrote:

> 	I have just installed the gnu-win32 system as I need to write 
> some software to communicate with an ADC card in my PC. The problem is 
> that the example code uses inp and outp and these do not seem to compile 
> in GCC. Could someone please point me in the direction of some 
> documentation for this.(I have looked on the web page but cannot see 
> anything specific to the IBM or the AT bus I/O space).


Win32 is supposed to be a real operating system, so it won't let you access
the hardware directly in an application program.  As far as i know, if you
really need to do this, you have to write a device driver. 

That means inp and outp are not available in gnu-win32.

Sigh. :-(

Hilton Fernandes
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