help using Vim with gnuwin32 tools?

John Cook
Fri Oct 24 16:54:00 GMT 1997


What do I need to do to get Vim working with the gnuwin32 
toolchain (e.g., bash)?  I saw a lot of talk about this in 
the mailing list archives of several months ago, but nothing 
recently.  There are some defined(__CYGWIN32__) in the source 
code (I have vim-5.0p) so it appears that at least some of the 
gnuwin32-specific patches circulating back then have made it 
into Vim, but make ran into problems.  I have the stock b18 
version of the cdk.  Do I need Sergey Okhapin's newer version 
of cygwin.dll or newer versions of anything else?

The 'win32 console' version of Vim works mostly OK, but its 
path handling converts / to \, so (for example) 'vi /.bashrc' 
brings up an empty file unless I happen to be in a directory 
on the root drive.  Also, I'd like to be able to use the 
editor-dependent commands of sdiff with Vim (I set the 
EDITOR variable to point to Vim, but the 'eb' command in sdiff 
brings up an empty file).

I know nearly nothing of termcap and ncurses (sorry!), so if 
I need to acquire and build these, please point me to useable 
sources.  (I do have TERM=linux.)


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