CONTINUING Elementary Problems with Find

Weiqi Gao
Thu Oct 23 09:23:00 GMT 1997

Colin Peters wrote:
> Weiqi Gao[] wrote:
> >Watch out for the shell, because the shell has the first stab at the
> >command line.  If you are using the Windows 95 COMMAND.COM shell, then
> >*.c gets expanded to:
> >  i) a list of your .c files in the current directory; --OR--
> >  ii) if there are no .c files in the current directory, *.c
> Sorry to pick nits, but this is not strictly true. Under Win95
> the startup code of a program gets the command line unaltered
> and performs "globbing" to create the argv list. Most (but not
> all) Win95 programs do the globbing you describe (because
> thats the kind that MS compilers' startup code does). I could
> give you a program that runs under Win95 and
> does not perform globbing.

I stand corrected.

There is still the issue of different shells "glob"s differently,

Weiqi Gao
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