`Color ls' from a bash$ window

Paul Kirkaas pki@cri.dk
Thu Oct 23 03:55:00 GMT 1997

On 22-Oct-97 "$Bill Luebkert" wrote:
> Victor Schneider wrote:
>> At no extra cost, you can get your bash$ window ls listings colorized
>> Enclosed is a .bashrc file that you can use:
>> ========================================================================
>> alias ls="ls -CF --color"
> In my experience is is a bad idea to alias a command to itself (with
> args), 
> it has caused me problems in the past and I have quite doing it.
> Alias l to ls and m to less or some such.

Or, what I do, which works okay, is to use functions -- like:
function  fcd () { pushd . > /dev/null ; \cd $1 ; PS1="$LOGNAME$ANGLE " ;
setlabels ; }

alias cd=fcd
Note of couse the escaped \cd in the function call.

Paul Kirkaas
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