Getting lynx.exe to compile _and_ _work_ from cygwin

Michael Hirmke
Wed Oct 22 18:52:00 GMT 1997


>with enough versions of lynx to know.  So, either you are very careless, or
>you are lying.

Please be a little bit carefull about what you are saying here.
I don't think, this is an appropriate reaction on Sergey's statement.

1. Sergey is right, Lynx compiles and works prefectly here with NT4
   Server SP3, Cygnus b18 and Sergey's newest .dll and
2. if anyone knows, whats going on regarding the internals of the Cygwin
   package besides Cygnus itself, it is Sergey. His contribution to the
   development of this package has really improved it a lot.

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