CONTINUING Elementary Problems with Find

Wed Oct 22 07:51:00 GMT 1997

     Thanks to all who responded to my first post.  Yes, indeed, it was the 
     Windows version of find that was causing my problem.  However, 
     correcting this problem has revealed another.  Again, it is probably 
     newbie in nature, but your assistance is appreciated.
     Taking my initial command line:
        find . -name *.c -print
     gives the following error:
        find:  Paths must precede expression
        Usage:  find [path...] [expression]
     Just to check things out, I got into bash and checked my pwd 
     (/gnu_src/cdk/winsup), and I entered this absolute address into the 
     command line.  No luck, same error.
     Thanks again for your patience and your help.
     Pat Bradford
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