anybody built gcc cross-compilers?

William R. Jones
Wed Oct 22 06:38:00 GMT 1997

I'm trying to build a cross-compiler so I can build code for an ARM on NT. 
I have bult it on a SPARC, but guess what, I don't have a SPARC at home.

running NT4.0SP3, under a bash shell, I run configure using the following 

./configure --build=i386-*-winnt35 --host=i386-*-winnt35 --target=arm

in a separate tree set aside for just this purpose. The resulting make 
LANGUAGES=C results in it dying when trying to build one of the early files 
in the obj list, I think cccp.c.

I noticed several errors resulting from the ./configure call, mostly usage 
messages from mv and "does not exist" messages from touch- which should be 
creating those files that don't exist, not failing outright.

But before I jump in with both feet and try to debug configure, i thought 
I'd ask if anybody else has tried to do something similar, and if so, were 
you able to get it to work?

Bill Jones

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