imake won't work without /lib/cpp -> a simple shell script

Toshiyuki Nakata
Mon Oct 20 19:25:00 GMT 1997

 Alex <> wrote:

; On Mon, 20 Oct 1997, [iso-2022-jp] 中田 登志之 wrote:
; > 1) I tried to compile X11 libraries using xmkmf and imake.(Using Segey's
; > patch).
; > 2)Imake complains with "cannot execute /lib/cpp"
; This is a shortcomming of Imake.  Not gnu-win32.  I don't really know of
; any [i386] systems with a /lib dir.

I agree.  

I was not complaining about gnu-win32. I was just trying to point out
that by making a /lib/cpp shell script with

gcc -E #*

had made my porting much easier. (similar to having /bin/sh  or


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