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Colin Peters
Sun Oct 19 20:14:00 GMT 1997

Edgardo Jimenez[] wrote:
>I bought the book "Teach Yourself C In 24 Hours", and it came with a
>CD GNUPro C/C++ Compiler and Debugger.  I installed the CD following the
>instructions in all the readme text files.  I want to be able to write
>C programs, complied them and run them or run the chapter source code.
>  What am I missing, where is the c editor? I do not understand all the
>things in the FAQ.TXT, it support to be a Complete starter kit. Where
>can I write the example code in the chapters complied them and run them.

There are the beginnings of a tutorial for using GNU-Win32 linked to my homepage
at (not mirrored at the Geocities
site yet). The installation instructions are not up yet, but there are some
hints on how to use the compiler once you have it installed. I will try to get
installation instructions up in the next few days. First hint though: there
is no C editor, you need to use your own text editor (vim or ntemacs are good
choices, but I suppose notepad will do in a pinch for very short programs).

Eventually I plan to include some introductory info on Win32 programming as
well... but that's some time in the future.

If anyone is planning to firebomb SAMs publishing for doing that book I'm
in! ;)


PS. The version of GNU-Win32 included with that book is b17.1 I think, the
    current version is b18. Whoever told you that b17.1 can be considered
    a "complete starter kit" was lying (b18 isn't either BTW).

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