cygwin32 emacs

Mark Eichin
Thu Oct 16 13:32:00 GMT 1997

I'm attempting to build emacs 19.34 (the Geoff Voelker NT port) with
cygwin32 (mostly to have a version of emacs that handles paths
consistently with other cygwin32-built utilities, like nsgmls and
jade.)  This mostly involves tweaking a little, and
bludgeoning windowsnt.h and some of the DOS_NT or WINDOWSNT ifdefs.
Much of of lib-src compiles (emacsclient/server need unix domain
sockets for example), and probably about 2/3 of src itself.  Tricky
parts remain, however.  For example, unexnt.c uses both
PIMAGE_DOS_HEADER and PIMAGE_NT_HEADERS; the former is defined in
Windows32/Structures.h, the latter isn't defined at all.  unexnt (the
nt-specific unexec) is kind of important, I think I can work around
most of the problems that remain... is anyone else working on this,
and would like to compare notes, or make suggestions?

					_Mark_ <>
					Cygnus Solutions, Eastern USA

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