GNUpro C/C++ compiler setup...

Wed Oct 15 16:39:00 GMT 1997

I just bought "Teach yourself C in 24 hours" from SAMS publishing and it
comes with Cygnus GNUPro C/C++ compiler and debugger on CD. I think I did
most of the install properly but i have trouble with the part(s) converning
editing autoexec.bat.
By the way, the gnu version is 17. 
In the faq that comes with the CD, it says to modify the autoexec.bat under
The faq reads like this:

   Assuming the D:\cygnus install location:

1) Set the GCC_EXEC_PREFIX enviroment variable to

The trailing slash is important!

2) Add    D:\cygnus\H-i386-cygwin32\bin    to your $PATH. This is where
your executables live.

3) MAKE needs to be able........
I'm confused!! 
I have edited autoexec.bat and config.sys before but could you please show
me detailed examples of how my autoexec.bat should read, please? Also
should I edit C:\autoexec.bat or C:\windows\autoexec.bat? Dumb questions or
Help please!
All these and any other tips you could provide for a good install of the
compiler will be greatly appreciated.
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