building standard utilities

Earnie Boyd
Wed Oct 15 08:14:00 GMT 1997

>Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 17:14:46 -0500
>From: Bizzaro <>
>To: GNU Win 32 <>
>Subject: Re: building standard utilities
>Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> Let me point you to:
>A little suggestion, can we leave the little "check the FAQ first" 
answers to
>simple, everyday questions off the list and just send the msg to the 
users?  The
>way I figure it, most of us on the list already have figured out where 
the FAQ,
>mail list archives (a search feature there would REALLY help find
>problems/solutions), etc are.

I've included them on the list just so that anyone who would stumble 
into the mail archives would have them.

Let's take a vote:

Send them to the list?

Don't send them to the list?

Send your responses just to me please.


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