upper/lower case question

Charles Curley ccurley@wyoming.com
Mon Oct 13 19:00:00 GMT 1997

At 09:25 PM 10/12/97 -0700, John Mamer wrote:
>  Another newbie question:  I have a bunch of files,
>originally written under UNIX, that have arrived at my
>gnu-win32 directory via DOS (am running on Windows NT
>4.0-sp3).  The problem is that in the process the file names
>have all been translated to upper case.  I tried the obvious
>cp FILE.C file.c
>but it didn't work.  I wound up reading each file into
>emacs, and then copying it into a new directory using the
>lower case name.  This worked, but it seems, somehow,
>I know that this is the result of a DOS/UNIX
>incompatibility, and not strictly speaking gnu-win32's
>fault, but is there a neater way to do this? (I anticipate
>having to do this in the future).

Quick & dirty (from BASH):

mv FILE.C foo.c; mv foo.c file.c

You can probably put together a quick alias to do that in one command.

A little more development would be a perl script to do the same for the
entire directory or tree.

		-- C^2

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