Output redirection, file creation, and libjpeg.a

Victor Schneider vischne@ibm.net
Sun Oct 12 10:20:00 GMT 1997

There's a curious problem with porting the jpeg-6 and jpeg-6a libraries to
cygwin32:  They compile with no problem, and running `make test' confirms
that they work, but the `cjpeg' and `djpeg' utilities appear to have
problems (a) creating files and (b) using the input and output redirection
operators (`<' and `>').

When you generate a .gif file from a .jpg file using djpeg, you get
`spurious symbol' error messages from lview31.exe on the resulting .gif
file.  I think that results from some problem using `>' to generate the
resulting .gif file.  I get the impression that cygwin32 uses the Dos '>'
operator and gets junk added in to the redirection process.  Either that, or
bash.exe is doing something.

Using the `-outputfile' option in djpeg yields an output file of zero
length.  Since this all works under other operating systems like Linux, I
have to assume that the problem is somewhere in the buck-passing between
native Dos and cygwin32.

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