forking vim gui

Sergey Okhapkin
Fri Oct 10 23:40:00 GMT 1997

Colman Curtin wrote:
> folks
> Having successfully compiled my fav editor vim a while back.
> How come when I launch it as 'gvim' or 'vim -g' which causes vim to fork 
> gui version I get an exception.
> However if I launch it as 'vim -g -f' which launches the gui but doesn't
> return to the shell it work fine.
> But if I launch it as above but use bash to background it 'vim -g -f &' 
it all
> works fine and I get bash back?
> vim5.0m, Sergey's latest dll and bash, win95 16MB
> any ideas?

It's a bug of cygwin - .bss/.data sections of dll's are not copied to a 
child on fork(). Someone in this list wrote about related fixes he made, 
but I never saw the fixes itself :-(

Sergey Okhapkin,
Moscow, Russia
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