How to build an DLL ?

Earnie Boyd
Wed Oct 8 14:47:00 GMT 1997

>Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 19:00:59 +0400
>From: flam <>
>Subject: How to build an DLL ?
>Hi everybody,
>I have created several functions in a file MY_LIBRARY.C
>I would like to create MY_LIBRARY.DLL. How can i do ?
>Apparently i would have first to create a .DEF :
>Then	nm <Something>
>Then	ld --base-file <How can i create a .base ?>
>Then	dlltool <<Something>)
>I tried different maners and it does'nt work...
>What is the difference between relocatable DLL and non-relocatable DLL 

The URL will point you to the 
documentation available.  See the section titled "Is there any 
documentation available?".

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