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Mon Oct 6 17:13:00 GMT 1997

David C. Hoos, Sr. wrote:
> This is the kind of thing which compilers do not catch, because the problem
> is specific to
> the printf function which is a library unit, and not part of the language.
> In other words, as long as the first argument to printf is of type char *,
> then the function profile is matched.  If the string to which that first
> parameter points is not a valid printf format string matching the other
> pritf parameters, the compiler doesn't know it.  Furthermore, the string to
> which the first parameter of printf points can be (and often is) modified at
> run time, to fit the format to the occasion.
> If you want to catch this sort of problem at build time, you need to use
> "lint", and it is only
> able to catch certain things because of the possibility of run-time
> modification.

Wrong, just add -Wall to your command line to pick up warnings and you
should get something like:
	 warning: format argument is not a pointer (arg 2)

> Better yet, write your program in ada95, using the free gnat-3.10p1 compiler
> from
> ftp://ftp.cs.nyu.edu/pub/gnat/winnt

Ada propaganda!  :)

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> Date: Monday, October 06, 1997 4:38 AM
> Subject: A TINY BUG
> >To gnu designers!
> >I have found that the following bad code gives "exception" at run
> >time instead of error message at compilation time (b18 Win95):
> >
> >#include <stdio.h>
> >main(){
> > printf("%s\n",sizeof(long));
> >}

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