Thread-Handling with Cygwin32

Chris Provenzano
Mon Oct 6 12:01:00 GMT 1997

>Has anyone experience of using threads with cygwin32 ?
>Or does anyone know, where to find threadsave libaries for that purpose?
>What is planned at cygwin ? - when will cygwin32 support threads and
>offer threadsave libaries ?
>Please answer me soon !

I have a proof of concept (pre alpha) using a mishmash of cygwin32 and 
my pthreads. It is only user space threads currently, but will be fairly
trivial to add full kernel thread/user thread support. The majority of the
remaining work requires throwing out some large sections of cygwin32 and 
rewriting them to better support my implementation of pthreads. Eg. sleep() 
should only block a thread and not the entire process. 

It'll probably be several months before any release will be available.


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