Bad linker behaviour

Jon Thackray
Mon Oct 6 09:16:00 GMT 1997

I have to assume the following behaviour is deliberate on the part of
the linker. Can it be turned off? What's the purpose of it? It's bad
news as far as I'm concerned, as it inhibits me from providing symbols
like free from other dlls (I get a message about can't find
_imp(double, long float, ...)() which is where I started). Globally
exchanging aa for bb in the program below allows a correct no errors

	.global	__imp__bb
_bb:	jmp	*__imp__bb
__imp_bb:	ret

bash$ as -o poo.o poo.s
bash$ ld -o poo.dll --dll poo.o -e _bb
poo.o(.text+0x2):fake: undefined reference to `_imp(bool, bool)'
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