Overcoming b18 gnuwin32 console problems

Victor Schneider vischne@ibm.net
Sat Oct 4 00:31:00 GMT 1997

Having ported pdcurses, the latest ncurses, and slang to cygwin 32, I am
aware that there are problems with the cygwin console.

Just as a reality check, I have an old Borland compiler on CD-Rom, and I
am in the process of porting slang via bcc using the Unix configuration
and defines as the basis.  The resulting slang.dll will be statically
linked to bring in the Borland console, and I will use the cygwin
dlltool.exe program to generate a cygwin import library.  If all goes 
well, it will be possible for me to compile things that use slang under
cygwin and have the Borland console in place.

I think that will be the stopgap measure until things like the cygwin
console and cygwin `gethostbyname' calls are cleaned up.

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