Help again please.

Darren Rauckman
Fri Oct 3 22:25:00 GMT 1997

Someone has misstyped the FAQ, it should be FD, Frequent Diagnostics
becasue in it it says in a section 'I use a function I know is in th
API, but I still get a link error' and the answer is 'The function
probably isn't declared in the header files, or the UNICODE stuff for it
isn't filled in. What is that supposed to mean, I dont care what the
problem is, I want to fix it, you think that someone cant figure out
there is something wrong with a file.  Isnt there a FAQ with answers and
solutions not babble that leads to their homepage that leads to some
other NT programs.  I finally got the program to run and compile a
cheezy program and now there is some kind of error that is half a page
long but ends in 

undefined reference to Winmain@16

gcc.exe: Internal compiler error: Program ld got fatal signal 1

So if someone has an answer besides, "Um, let me think, there is
something wrong in a file", then please send it too me. 

I am sorry for being a little over the edge in this letter but why would
someone write that, that is sooo stupid, its like a FAQ that says 'Why
wont my car run' and the reply 'there is a part in your car that is not
functioning'  It is frustrating enough without these dumb things.

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