Missing TEXI files for CYGNU's H-i386-cygwin32 b18

FSS Sydney fss_sydney@compuserve.com
Thu Oct 2 01:55:00 GMT 1997

I downloaded  'usertools.exe' for Win95/WinNT from your ftp site and have
spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out where the useable
documentation is. What comes in usertools.exe are several *.info files but
there is  no INFO.exe GNU reader. I also downloaded all.tar and looked
through it. Seems to be same problem.

Since usertools.exe is meant for Wintel users it would useful to include
WinHelp type files instead of *.info files. Generally, the GNU tools come
with *.TEXI files, which happen to be the type of files I can understand
and work with. There happens to be a tex2rtf converter (Virtually Unix,
email szurgot@itribe.net) which takes TEX files and makes them into RTF
(the RTF can then be made into Win Help with MS's help compiler). So the
making the TEX available with your usertools.exe or all.tar would be pretty

I browsed through just about your entire ftp site and could not find the
any *.texi files. Could you advise as to where I could download them, the
ones that will match usertools.exe?

Much thanks,

Luke Burlet
FSS International
Sydney office
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