cygwin32 Networking

Kermit Tensmeyer
Wed Oct 1 15:18:00 GMT 1997

there seems to be an either or conflict with
 the headers of   <netdb, types, socket> and <mywinsock.h>

  Including mywinsock.h causes all sorts of warnings of conflicts
 with other headers.

  either the two sets of headers are NOT meant to be used at the
 same time OR there is another method to get them to co-exist.

 the mywindsock.h file has the right stuff to get the standard
 unix net functions translated properly. (ie use the correct
 set of parameters) so it becomes worthwhile to use

 SO What is the Prefered Method of socket interaction?

   Netdb or Mywinsock?

  Kermit Tensmeyer    (E & T - Networking)     Dallas
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