Redirect the stderr GCC stream to file, executing from Ms-Dosshell

Chris Faylor
Wed Oct 1 08:18:00 GMT 1997

In article <>,
Sergey Okhapkin  <> wrote:
>Chris Faylor wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Giandomenico De Sanctis <> wrote:
>> >How to redirect the stderr stream to a file, running GCC from MS-Dos
>> >command prompt, and not from Unix-like shell as bash??
>> gcc whatever 2>wherever
>This works with NT4.0 cmd.exe only, but not with 95's

Right.  Sorry to have not mentioned that.

Other alternatives are:

1) Use 4DOS ( ), which allows '>&' for redirection.

2) Write a small program to redirect stderr to stdout and run its

3) bash -c 'exec gcc whatever 2>wherever'
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