Tage Westlund
Mon Jun 30 01:02:00 GMT 1997

This is a question belonging to either the V mailing list or this
list depending on the answer. 
The V-list   had no answer so I try
I made a program using V Graphical User Interface and swedish national
characters (in octal): 345, 344, 366, 305, 304, 326. On the screen
the characters mentioned are all converted to underscore characters "_"
in the dialog windows that are created by the V C++ classes. 
The characters are native in the national version of WordPad and thus
they appear normally OK on the screen. Is there a filter somewhere in
the information chain:  WordPad (text file) to V GUI  to g++ compiler 
to Windows 95/gnu-win32-b17.1.
If so, how can I modify it?

Thank you!


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