find.exe truncating search on <foo>/<foo>

Michael A. Chase
Tue Jun 24 07:25:00 GMT 1997

This might be deeper than just the find command.  When I tried to delete a
directory tree with rm -r, it aborted when it came across subdirectories
with the same name as one of their ancestors (e.g., perl5/lib/perl5).  I'm
using the b18 binaries I downloaded from Cygnus.

Mac :})
Version: 3.1
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> From: Jon Witort <>
> To:
> Subject: find.exe truncating search on <foo>/<foo>
> Date: Friday, June 20, 1997 5:03 PM
> I'm having some trouble with find.exe v4.1 that doesn't seem to have been
> mentioned in either the FAQ or the archive for this group. The problem is
> that find.exe is truncating its search whenever it finds a directory with
> the same name as its parent, like so:
> 1> mkdir test\foo\foo
> 2> cd test
> 3> touch foo\foo\xyz
> 4> find
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