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Mon Jun 23 14:18:00 GMT 1997

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Paul Shirley wrote:

> gcc really likes having >32Meg of ram and has done for as long as I can
> remember *on the PC*, I was shocked at the obvious difference moving
> from 40 Meg of 70ns ram to 32 Meg of 60ns ram made... it slowed djgpp
> down noticeably. gcc is extremely resource greedy, on Unix this hardly
> matters but Windoze seems to have serious problems coping with it.
> -- Paul Shirley

I think this is mainly an OS thing and not gcc.  I've noticed that NT with
32mb ram acts like 95 with 8, not to say that 95 is that fast, but... if
you don't have gobs and gobs of ram at your disposal, 95 and gcc work
together pretty well with about 32 megs of ram.

- alex

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