McAfee VirusScan

Paul Prescod
Fri Jun 20 07:43:00 GMT 1997

> Actually, aren't the so-called "macro viruses" not really viruses at all?
> It's not an executable that infects your system or you boot sector or
> whatever, it's just a macro that is automatically run when you load MS
> Word and can only manipulate within the confines of Word?  Sound more
> like a bug in MS Word than a virus, which means your statement doesn't
> counter the statement that there are no Windows NT viruses.

The virus can copy itself from file to file and destroy data -- that 
sounds like a virus to me. It isn't an OS virus, but a "Word Virus". It 
lives in Word, propogates through word and destroys Word data (though it
could in fact destroy any data on the computer).

 Paul Prescod

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