New perl5.004 patches -- send to the whole list?

John Tobey
Sun Jun 15 10:41:00 GMT 1997

> From: (Chris Faylor)

> I have a new set of patches against perl5.004 which produce a fairly
> functional version of perl.  I've got the percentage of successful
> tests up to 90.13%.  Most of the failures now have to do with things
> like umask and checks for protections that aren't supported under
> gnu-win32.  This is all under Windows NT.  I still haven't had the
> time to build this under Windows 95.


I wish I could use your patch but I don't have NT!  I've given up
trying to build explicitly-loadable dll's with Cygnus tools on 95.

If I _could_ get a working, DynaLoading, MakeMaking perl 5.004 running
on 95, I would try out my "CLib" module that allows perl programs to
load functions in dlls and execute them on the fly.  This works under
i586-Linux.  Source has been posted to comp.lang.perl.misc.

I'm not sure whether Win32 uses a different calling convention.  Maybe
to call Win32 API's from perl will require changes to the XS module.

Anyway, if you find the time, please grab it, patch it, make it, and
report the results of "make test".  I'm dying to know!

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