Very slow propagation of mailing list?

Chris Faylor
Thu Jun 12 20:56:00 GMT 1997

>Chris Faylor wrote:
>>I've noticed that it sometimes takes more than 24 hours for my email
>>to the mailing list to show up on the mailing list.  Looking at the
>>submission times of all of the articles today it appears that I am not
>>I've also noticed that I get personal responses to email about 24 hours
>>after I've sent something.
>>So the question is: Is there a reason why the gnu-win32 list is so slow?
>>Is the Cygnus machine *incredibly* bogged down or is there some other
>>bottleneck somewhere?  I don't notice this kind of delay in any of the
>>other mailing lists to which I subscribe.
>How big is this list?
>I also noticed a 20 hour delay in getting messages on the win32 Perl
>list.  I computed that if it takes 1 second to send a message to each
>user (kinda slow, but just as an example) and there are over 1000
>people on the list, then it would take 1000 seconds per email to 
>relay it to the list.  20 hours is 72000 seconds / 1000 seconds per 
>message = 72 messages per 20 hour period max.
>All of that is based on a 1 second relay time.  Some will be more,
>large postings of binaries, etc.  Most should be less.  A Unix box 
>should be faster than this, but maybe they're running M$ OS 
>(I doubt it).
>Just a thought.  :)

That doesn't take concurrency into account, but your point is well

I do know that the perl porters list is fairly large but it does
not have anything like the propagation delay of gnu-win32.

It is odd, though, that my last message on this subject took only a few
hours to propagate.  Go figure.

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