gnu-win32 mount and nt-emacs

Thu Jun 12 15:42:00 GMT 1997

Anand Palaniswamy wrote:
> NT-Emacs doesn't understand the mounts made with the gnu-win32 mount
> command.
> Longer explanation:
>         For instance,
>                 bash$ mount c:/users/anandp /anandp
>         followed by
>                 C-x C-f /anandp/ RET
>         doesn't open c:/users/anandp/
> Is there a workaround? Or should I be asking some nt-emacs list?
> Thanks,
> Anand.

I'm not familiar with emacs specifically, but it sounds like it wasn't
built with this cygwin gcc.  Only cygwin built programs will recognize
the mounted dirs.
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