errno missing in link of wget
Wed Jun 11 14:29:00 GMT 1997

> I've been puzzling over this one....
> I'm running gnuwin32-b18 on NT 4.0 + SP2 + Hotfixes.
> I tried to build GNU's wget-1.4.5 by downloading from gatekeeper,
> decompressing and untaring, and running configure.  configure ran okay, so
> I type'd make.
> All the source files compile, but I get this for a link:
> gcc  -o wget connect.o host.o http.o netrc.o ftp-basic.o ftp.o ftp-ls.o
> mtch.o h
> tml.o retr.o recur.o url.o init.o utils.o cmpt.o getopt.o main.o version.o
> http.o(.text+0x835):http.c: undefined reference to `errno'
> http.o(.text+0x8f5):http.c: undefined reference to `errno'
> http.o(.text+0xfb4):http.c: undefined reference to `errno'
> http.o(.text+0x154f):http.c: undefined reference to `errno'
> http.o(.text+0x1df9):http.c: undefined reference to `errno'
> http.o(.text+0x23ac):http.c: more undefined references to `errno' follow
> gcc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 1
> make: *** [wget] Error 1
> make: *** [src] Error 2

	I had compiled it out last time ...

	add " #include <errno.h> " in config.h.
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